10 Ways to Sharpen Your Memory Before Exams

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March 20, 2019
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April 5, 2019

What’s the point of studying hard if you can’t remember it in the exam hall? And we all know that there is cut-throat competition in exams like JEE, NEET etc. A vast syllabus needs to be covered for attempting the maximum number of questions. And that’s why it needs a lot of practice to memorize everything. If you firmly believe in the benefits of assignments and mock tests to crack Medical entrance exam, then CB Classes can give you the opportunity for Medical examinations mock test in South Kolkata.

Exam season is here. Are you in search of some brain hacks to learn and retain information more efficiently?

Here, CB Classes will guide you with 10 smart tips to keep your brain sharp and vibrant and strengthen your memory:

  1. Embrace cognitive training exercise:

Brain plasticity helps the mind to stay sharp. It refers to the brain’s ability to constantly change over the course of a person’s lifetime. And this ability can be improved by engaging in cognitive training exercises that stimulate our intellectual capacity. The exercises may include – playing chess, learning a new language or a new musical instrument, taking a new road to reach to work etc. 

  1. Practice meditation:

The best way of handling stress is making meditation an integral part of your lifestyle. A regular habit to meditate for at least 20mins can help you fight with the stress and strengthen your brain to be able to concentrate. Engage in breath-focused exercises, Yoga, mindfulness meditation or a simple prayer.

  1. Read loudly:

While reading, speak the words loudly with clear pronunciation. This helps the brain to register clearly what you are reading and increase the chances of recalling them later. Reading silently gets monotonous quickly and you will easily get distracted by external activities.

  1. Prioritizing topics:

Prioritizing the important topics and writing them down is a good practice as the brain gets a signal to understand which topics need more attention. Automatically, while preparing those topics, brain stays more focused and it becomes easy to remember. CB Classes has JEE Advance and main coaching institute in Durgapur, where the topics are prioritized at the very beginnings that the study plan gets streamlined.

  1. Apply mnemonic:

Mnemonic helps you to remember an idea or a phrase with a pattern of letters, numbers or relatable associations. For example, “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally” or “PEMDAS” is used to remember the order of operations in math: Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication & Division, and Addition & Subtraction. These are the cheat codes to memorize the most complicated formula or topics.

  1. Nourish your brain:

Food that is rich with Antioxidants can help your brain learn faster, improve memory and overall cognitive performance. Curb sugar intake and eat more vegetables like spinach, carrots and red grapes and fruits like berries that are rich with antioxidants.

  1. Stay hydrated:

A fit body is needed for a fresh mind that can remember things well. Water is an extremely important need for memorizing. Dehydration decreases the efficiency of the brain and hinders the process of memorizing.

  1. Visualize:

Visual memories are the strongest memories. Whatever topic you are reading, try to visualize the scenario. Write down formulas, draw diagrams, charts or graphs to remember complicated topics.

  1. Exercise daily:

Physical exercise enhances cognitive functions. Go for a walk, dance, practice aerobics, run, play football – choose any activity that interests you and enables you to practice coordination, the flow of movement and balance and helps to enhance the engagement of different muscle groups. A fit body is necessary for a fresh mind to remember things.

  1. Sleep enough:

Don’t be too hard to yourself during exam time. Make time for sleep. A sleep-deprived brain can never function to its full potential. Lack of sleep may lead to more stress. Unwind before going to bed and sleep enough to wake up rejuvenated with a fresh mind.

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