5 Smart Study Tips to Crack NEET

How to Prepare for Medical and Joint Entrance Exams Simultaneously
January 31, 2019

Did you know that the first step towards preparation for any competitive examination is none other than an understanding of the fundamentals for the examination? All you need to do is scan through the last few years’ question papers and get a rough idea about the assessment pattern. Also, you must scan through the syllabus thoroughly and plan your homework accordingly.

Now, let us discuss what preparation you should take to crack NEET in the coming year. Cracking NEET isn’t an easy task unless you are aware of the smart study tips. It is always advisable to take at least a whole year break soon after the high school exam and then prepare for NEET accordingly. However, those who are looking forward to the NEET 2019 on May 5 get prepared now and qualify for the NEET UG first. To crack NEET here follows the smart study tips:


Prepare a Timetable

Preparing a timetable helps candidates in planning their time both subject-wise and topic-wise. It is important to follow the schedule religiously. This timetable should be done based on the topics that can be revised multiple times. Now, this will provide a clear picture of their agenda, thus helping in cracking the NEET exam.


Do Comprehensive Study

You should study hard and smart when preparing for the exam. Get the basic understanding of the topics and after you are done, check where you stand to clear your doubts. Make sure you do not miss out studying from the NCERT textbooks as they cover the maximum syllabus of NEET. Do, evaluate your performance and be your own judge.


Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests are the best way to know about how to crack the NEET exam. In fact, it gives you the ultimate exam day experience. This would adjust the candidates with the exam pressure and help them complete their paper within the stipulated time.


Stay Positive

Needless to say, that attitude decides the efficiency of the learning process. So, never encourage any negative approach while learning because it can spoil the entire thing. A right frame of mind and positive thinking will help your brain work on the right track.


Take Study Breaks

As we all are humans, everyone requires a timely break and rest to get back to work efficiently. It should be noted that in order to maintain an optimum level of concentration there should be regular break taken in between. Maybe a 10-minute walk, a chat with a friend, a small nap or a workout routine etc would help.


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