6 Tips to overcome the fear of Maths

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May 15, 2019
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May 30, 2019

There are students who feel intimidated to solve maths problems and can’t apply what they have learned in the exam hall. Solving even the simplest problems make them nervous resulting in brain freeze. The phobia of Maths can easily translate into students exhibiting anxiety, a lack of involvement and even behavioral issues.

Do you often experience the nightmare where you’re sitting in an exam hall, anxious and tensed, because you have no idea about the Maths problems on your question paper? Do you feel a lack of confidence when it comes to solving Maths problems? If yes, then we have a few tips to help you out.

1. Apply maths in daily life:
Maths may seem boring to some students. Integrating Math into daily life make it more real and meaningful. During shopping or after having lunch in a restaurant calculate the payable amount, collect the change or calculate the share of each of your friends. Try to understand the concept of fractions through slicing and sharing pizza. Measuring portions while cooking, learning about geometrical patterns while drawing floor designs or Rangoli – all are hands-on activities to overcome the fear of Maths.

2. Practice, practice, practice:
There is no alternative of practicing to solve a few Maths problems regularly. Keep some time for practicing every day in your routine. Maths is all about rules, processes and procedures. Regular practice will only sharpen your skills. Devoting some extra time in practicing will not only build your confidence but also bring about a great change in both attitude and performance. We at CB Classes have Mathematics coaching centres for Madhyamik in Kalindi where students are given a lot of assignments to practice at home and sharpen their skill.

3. Take the challenge:
Try solving brain teasers, puzzles or Sudoku on a regular basis and take them as fun challenges rather than dreaded maths problems. Keep 10-15 minutes every day for this challenge and once you start enjoying the sessions, go for solving more difficult problems. This will make you fall in love with Maths and not get scared of it.

4. Step-by-step approach:
It is possible to feel overwhelmed to solve a critical problem when there is too much information. In Madhyamik syllabus, the arithmetic part is all about these critical problems. At CB Classes, we advise our students to adopt a step-by-step approach by chunking the problem into smaller steps so that students are able to understand and master one step before moving to the next. In Maths, the gap in understanding can be a grave obstacle to progress.

5. Solve it together:
Group study or cooperative learning strategies can be helpful to stimulate higher-level thinking while making it fun! Allowing students to solve a problem together leads to greater involvement. It naturally energizes them to get involved in creative thinking and come out with a solution. In our Mathematics Coaching centers for Madhyamik in Raniganj, we often emphasize on this practice.

6. Be confident:
After a lot of sessions of practicing, problem-solving and brainstorming – you need to believe in yourself that you can solve whatever comes in your way. Take note where you make the most mistakes and brush them away. Invest more time to rectify your mistakes and have a positive mindset so that you don’t get nervous at the exam hall.

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