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February 14, 2019
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Now that the board exams of Class 12 are already over, students are totally focused on the next big thing of their life, NEET 2019. For those who aspire to be a doctor in future, The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the stepping stone to the world of Medical Sciences. A career in the medicine is one of the most prestigious professions since time immemorial. And, if you want to be a doctor in future, the first thing is to steer clear through the NEET. Here’s a list of powerful study tips that aids your preparation for the upcoming NEET.

    1. Collect the syllabus well in advance

Nowadays, students aspiring for premedical entrances start their preparation alongside the boards’ preparation. Hence, it’s important to collect the syllabus right before starting the preparation. Those who get admitted in the coaching centre can get hands on the syllabus at the very beginning. Keep in mind that the major entrance exams set question papers based on the NCRET syllabus. It is highly recommended that you start out early as soon as the syllabus is collected.

    2. Follow NCRET Books

Be it the Joint Entrance Examination or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), NCRET books are thoroughly followed. Keep reading each & every little detail, so as to gain sound knowledge right from the basics. NCRET books give clear understanding of the complex topics, thus making your preparation a lot easier.

    3. Identify Your Weak Areas

During the course of preparation, you are likely to develop several weak areas alongside the strong areas. Learn to identify the weak areas first because that’s what can mar your entire preparation. Once you identify those areas, find ways to improve them. Make sure that your weak areas should not be a reason to disrupt your efforts for NEET entrance. If you are already enrolled in a coaching centre, you can approach the subject experts, teachers, friends or seniors. Some schools also conduct special classes for the NEET & JEE aspirants.

    4. Follow a Weekly Schedule

Nothing works in absence of a proper schedule. Hence, always focus on scheduling, so that it’s easier to complete the syllabus. A well planned study schedule will successfully help you cover your school course and medical test preparation at the same time. This is the reason, coaching centres focus on setting weekly targets that are achievable and leave ample time for revisions.

    5. Participate in the Mock Tests

One of the prime reasons, people get enrolled in the coaching classes is that they let you sit for the mock tests and practice assignments. Regular participation in the mock tests allows students to practice question papers in an exam environment. It sharpens their preparation, improves speed & accuracy, while boosting their confidence.

Last but not the least, don’t panic. Keep in mind that this is not just the end of your life. A lot of chances will come and you have to stay calm and wait for it. Panic will result into stress, which can even spoil the entire preparation.

As the NEET is almost knocking at the door, it’s important that you get enrolled with CB Classes, a leading coaching institute in North Kolkata. They offer strategic training with systematic approach of study and continuous mock tests.

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