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May 30, 2019
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March 22, 2020

It isn’t easy to prepare for an exam that is touted as “the biggest exam of your life”. Well, those who have already crossed the bar, Madhyamik exam is no big deal but yes for the students who are yet to appear, this is certainly a feeling mixed with fear, anxiety, and a lot of nervousness. Moreover, with old lessons sitting heavy in the head, new ones piling up, well-wishers clocking your study hours and finally, the days prior to your board exams can be a scary affair.

So, what can alleviate the load a little? Well, “organize your time” is the answer. For that you need to formulate a plan that lets you prepare in a more streamlined manner.

  1. Strategize and start early

Starting early can save you from getting into hot waters later. Don’t ignore your body clock and instead of studying late at nights during preparatory leave study in the morning. Starting afresh after a good night’s sleep will help you keep things in line and have enough time for revision.

  1. Get into a proper planning

Don’t just dive straight into the chapters. Instead plan it. Make a chart that says which chapters require more attention and which do not.

  1. Set achievable targets. 

This is the first board exam of your life but you should never push yourself to the last limit. This way, your health will be affected and you can’t perform your best in the exam day. Most of the coaching centres for Madhyamik preparation encourage students to set small, achievable goals.

  1. Get into a schedule

Create a schedule for one subject at a time. This way, you will be able to cover more subjects at a time without spoiling your productive hours. Make sure that you are realistic with how long each exercise is going to take.

  1. Take Breaks

Taking small breaks in between the study hours keep you fresh and supercharged always. Give yourself the night off every once in a while as well.

6. Avoid making things monotonous

Avoid spending an extended hours in learning just one subject. No one likes reading Life Science for 6 hours or so. Instead, create a mix up of subjects to be studied in your schedule. It will help you learning more without compromising on the fun.

And Finally…

A study timetable is not set in stone. You can get it changed whenever you feel like. You can improve it as you may feel. Be flexible with your planning and be prepared to move things around if you find that your estimations of the time were a bit off. Keep in mind, that your first board exam is not as scary as you think, but always make sure that you are having a sound preparation. After all, that’s the key to achieve success.

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