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January 31, 2019
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February 13, 2019

When it comes to pick up a promising career option, people mostly opt for a career in Medical or Engineering. This has somewhat become a trend and hardly a few can escape the lure of becoming the doctor or an engineer. The tendency is even more prevalent among the parents. As a result, they encourage their children to prepare for both along with the preparation of their board exams.

For the students, this phase is the toughest. First of all there’s a pressure of study and secondly the urge of beating others and becoming the topper is simply irresistible. So, here are some helpful ways to help you ace the game. Check out how you should go about preparing for NEET and JEE at equal elan.

Be a multitasker

Preparing for NEET as well as JEE at the same time demands quite an attention from your end. There are more subjects that you have covered in your board exams. While preparing for the professional courses, you also have to go beyond the regular practice sessions of Maths and Science. As a multitasker, you also have to juggle between coaching for both the exams, personal study schedules, practicing mock tests and so on. Further, you have to get your own shortcut ways to learn and memorize better, so that you can cut down stress & panic during the exam time.

Be a perfect time manager

Time management is, however, the core component of multi-tasking. This skill is also taught in the coaching centres. With a huge syllabus alongside the rigorous practice sessions, even 24 hours often fall short. But your time management skills can save you from getting into hot waters. Enhance your skill by preparing a schedule and stick to it. Also, make sure that you have decent amount of time for resting and recreational activities. Otherwise a jam-packed brain with equation & formulas can mar the preparation. In case, you want to drop a year for studies, think of it seriously. Don’t fall for anything due to family or peer pressure.

Complete Entire Syllabus

This is the hardest part of all. Completing the entire syllabus while preparing for JEE and NEET is way more different from completing the syllabus in the boards. It’s better to study simultaneously as well as complete each subject with a professional approach. It helps a lot in saving your time while streamlining your preparation. Moreover, there will be similar topics or chapters of relevance that can be noted for better preparation for both exams. For instance, having a good hold over the basics of maths can help with certain concepts in Physics. Be multi-dimensional in your approach.

Subject and Topic Wise Difficulty Level

Last, but not the least you have to figure out the topic wise difficulty level in order to ascertain that in which subject you need to focus more than the others. For some students, its Mathematics, while for the others, it’s Physics. Figure it as soon as possible so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

The Final Takeaway

The syllabus of JEE & NEET along with the board exams is undoubtedly a difficult challenge. Without a proper guidance, the preparation often gets messed up. This is one of the prime reasons, why people opt for coaching classes. Alongside, make a habit of studying NCERT textbooks in order to find a sure-fire way to successfully crack these entrances. If you are residing in the city of joy and looking forward to appear for the NEET & JEE examinations then get in touch with CB Classes – one of the leading coaching institutes in North Kolkata.

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