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April 5, 2019
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May 29, 2019

NEET 2019 is just at the door’s knock. It’s just a few more days to go and students are gearing up with the last minute preparation. But, you must keep a tab on the following points to crack the upcoming NEET successfully. Most of the NEET coaching institutes emphasize these points and help students attain success on the first go.

Avoid Reading the Entire Syllabus

During the last days before the exam, keep away from studying the entire syllabus. Instead, stick to a thorough revision of what you have gone through the entire year. Studying everything all the time will unnecessarily burden your brain and affect your memory just before the exam days.

Manage Enough Time for Revision

It is essential to identify a perfect time for revision. This is the time when you can concentrate best and focus completely on your studies. Early morning hours are considered ideal post a good night’s sleep. However, the time of revision varies widely from one student to the other. Make sure that you don’t get lethargic at the time of revision.

Rely on your Hand Written Notes

The last days before the exam are the prime time and you should not go wrong with anything at this phase. Hence, juggling between guidebooks and study material during these last few days would be a complete waste of time. You probably have created handwritten notes during the preparation time. Use those notes for revision. Read and re-read these notes over and over again to memorize your lessons well.


Attend Group Study Sessions

While most of the coaching institutes like CB Classes offer group study sessions especially during the final phase of the exam, many students also conduct group study sessions on their own. The reason is to assess their knowledge just before the exam. The practice of group study is beneficial because it helps in proper revision and breaks the monotony.

Hone up Your Weak Areas

Mock tests are really helpful for honing up your skills and assess your knowledge. But, you need to keep an eye on the weak areas as well, so as to ensure that during the exams you don’t go wrong with any of the given questions. Analyze your performance properly and work on the areas you couldn’t score well during the mocks. Brush up these areas and that’s it. If required, get in touch with your teachers to strengthen your weak areas.

Keep in mind that NEET is not a child’s play. You would need an organized approach and a continuous revision to excel. For expert guidance, enrol with CB Classes, the premier NEET Coaching Institute in Kolkata.

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