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March 29, 2019
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May 15, 2019

JEE Mains and Advanced are one of the major life-changing events for the students aspiring to be an Engineer. No wonder, students leave no stones unturned to get through the entrances. But, like every other exam curriculum, JEE Mains curriculum also comes with certain difficult areas, which demands in-depth learning. JEE coaching institutes like CB Classes always focus on honing up the student’s skill for these weak areas in order to provide them sound guidance.

So, let’s take a dive into the tips and tricks that let you plan smart and improve the segments in which you are a bit weak.

1. Efficient Use of the Resources

Proper use of the resource helps you get a clear concept and thus strengthening your concept. Use your study materials and follow the NCRET books on a regular basis. Never get puzzled by referring to various methods of solving a problem. Instead, find a method that’s convenient for you. Keep in mind that your purpose is to give the correct answer and not how it arrives.

2. Plan Smart

Smart planning is the key to cover a sea of syllabus well in time. Make the study time table that utilizes the time effectively by dividing the subjects and topics on a daily basis to cover comfortably. Set achievable targets based on your capabilities. Refrain from setting unrealistic targets can be burdensome. Allocate adequate time for each subject. Even after practicing the smart work, if there are some difficult chapters to deal with allocate extra hours every week for these topics. Get yourself enrolled in the doubt clearing sessions of the JEE Coaching institutes. Perform in regular self-analysis and correction to get a progressive perfection.

3. Indulge in Practice Sessions

Performing in the problem-solving sessions is really helpful to strengthen your weak areas. The ideal way to improve the weak areas is to participate in the mock tests. JEE examinations mock tests are highly preferred for improving weak areas of a student. Participating in such tests and solving questions helps in focusing more on making the concepts clear. It takes a lot of strength and analytical skills for sound preparation.

4. Revise As Much As You Can

Doing revisions on a regular basis can help you improve your weak areas significantly. Analyze yourself with SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) and avoid attempting hard, unsolved problems and concepts. Instead, rerun the chapters you have already covered. Focus more on polishing the strengths and improving your preparation. Make sure that’s everything remains on your grip during the exams.

5. Make Short Notes

Short notes are helpful in improving your skills where you are weak. Preparing short notes can help you memorize the formulae. Also, you can make a note of those segments that you fill a bit more difficult. Keep in mind that the self-written short notes are great for long term memorizing. Revise all the concepts from notes with flags on question requiring tricks and analytical reasoning. Devote equal time & dedication to all the subjects.

When it comes to JEE, one has to cover a huge syllabus. Not always it’s possible to master the entire syllabus with equal pace. There ought to be certain weak areas that demand the finest attention on your part. Strengthening those areas is one of the important aspects of the preparation. Enrol yourself in JEE Advance and Mains coaching institute and sharpen those areas before your exams.

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