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February 13, 2019
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March 20, 2019

Today CB Classes is quite a renowned name as a coaching institute for JEE, NEET and other premium level competitive exams. According to the owner, Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee, an education entrepreneur and alumni of Shibpur B.E College, his institute delivers top-notch academic assistance to the JEE aspirants to help them gain an upper edge. Let’s have a look at why CB Classes is considered as one of the best coaching institutes in Durgapur for JEE Advanced and Mains.

Greater than Expected Learning Outcomes

“Students can expect the exceptional when it comes to CB Classes”, claims Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee. Unlike the other coaching institutions, CB classes emphasize on academic orientation of the JEE aspirants. JEE aspirants need to cover a huge syllabus within a short span of time. In fact, they need to study for JEE while preparing for the boards. Hence, the program is addressed with a unique customised pedagogical approach like:

  • Personalised learning & knowledge sharing instead of standard protocols
  • Focus on online assignments & tests
  • Classes beyond the program syllabus
  • Training on strengthening skills
  • Innovative blend of technology & conventional mode of teaching

Greater than Expected Learning Outcomes

A comprehensive approach is the key to success when it comes to JEE coaching. Hence, each of the programs in CB Classes is designed in synergy with the defined syllabi. Throughout the training program, the students are trained in such a way so that students do not get deviated and focus on learning. The key focus lies on the following:

  • Developing concepts for improving problem-solving skills of the students
  • Regular mock tests and practice sessions to gauge students’ performance
  • Relevant study material and updated pedagogy for holistic training
  • Separate classes for slow & fast learners

Process-oriented Approach

When it comes to JEE coaching, the approach should be process-oriented and consistent. Instead of beating the bush, the methodology of the institute involves standard monitoring, analysis and regular feedback. Like a great coach that consistently monitors the performance of the students, the trainers at CB classes also maintain the same approach. This is why students can get regular feedback which helps them strategize their preparation for better outcomes.

The Prime Takeaway

CB Classes is known for providing quality training that aims at providing academic assistance instead of mere training. Hence, the programs are designed keeping the needs & preferences of the students in mind. Not all the students have the same level of intellectual capability. Hence, the unique pedagogical approach of the institute caters to all. Today, CB Classes is not just a JEE training institute, rather an educational institute with formidable reputation.

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