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Divided into two categories, this is a comprehensive entrance coaching programme designed for engineering aspirants and future technologists. As the goal is making the learners thoroughly exam-ready with improved performance ability for all UG level engineering and basic science entrance tests conducted in India, the course contents are regularly updated.

  • Fast Track: For students with preliminary preparations and a focus on different national and international competitive examination, right from the day one.
  • Steady Track: For students who, in the first place, want strong foundation of the subjects with a balanced approach to school/Board curriculum and to gradually gain confidence to take competitive examinations.


1-Year Integrated Programme(for XII studying students)
Class Tenure: 500 Hours


2-Years Integrated Programme(for XI studying Students)
Class Tenure: 1000 Hours


1-Year Programme(for XII passed/appeared Students)
Class Tenure: 600 Hours

Subjects covered: Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry | Computer Science

Examinations under the purview:

  • JEE (Main & Advanced)
  • Olympiads

In every category, besides customary Mock Tests, Special Class Lectures, Proficiency Test and One on One Doubt Sessions are offered to raise learners’ individual standard and optimize performance abilities.

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