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CB Classes is a leading coaching institute that excels in offering the best educational guidance and contriving a bright and successful future for the students. Established in the year 2011, we are a sole proprietorship firm functioning under the expertise and guidance of our founder Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee (CB) who is a well known figure in this field. His leadership skills and a keen understanding of the requirements of the students have helped us setting benchmarks in this sector.

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Student Testimonials

  • ”I won’t be over stating if I say all my achievements during +2 have been made possible directly or indirectly by CB Classes. The methodical teaching, emphasis on concepts & applying them, systematic exam, doubt – clearing sessions – all have been incredibly helpful both in writing exams and getting me interested in the game of science. Also a must-mention is the motivation and confidence given by CB sir to every single student individually. I am where I am, because of CB Classes & CB sir.“
    Avishek Das
    KVPY 20, IIT Rank 115, WBJEE Rank 2, NEET Rank 49, HS Rank 9
  • ” Throughout my 11th and 12th, Chandrajit sir has been an incredible teacher, a great guide and a person I alaways could and did approach to sort out any acadimic Doubts I had. No doubt that he has truly been in Instrumental in all my sucess in those 2 years, including clearing KVPY and the three NSES(Olympiads)”
    Shubhashis Saha
    (WBJEEM Rank 1, AIIMS Rank 88, JIMPER Rank 82, CMC VELLORE - Top 12(SELECTED), CMC LUDHIANA Rank 2)
  • ”I am Gyanesh Gupta, a student of Chandrajit sir (CB Classes) enrolled for Physics coaching for JEE-Advanced for the session 2012-14. I gave my entrances in 2014 and secured an AIR of 143 in JEE Advanced and topped the WBJEE 2014. I owe a lot of my success to my decision to join CB Classes and Chandrajit Sir in particular. I am deeply indebted to CB Classes and would recomended anyone serious for JEE to Join It“
    Ganesh Gupta
    IIT - 143 WBJEE - 1
  • Soumya Kanti Ghatak
    "I am Soumya Kanti Ghatak, MBBS student at Christian Medical College, Vellore. I owe my success to CB Classes and the guidance of Chandrajit Sir. The environment of CB Classes is very different from other coaching classes. The brilliant coaching of CB Sir with regular test and post-test discussions make CB Classes a unique tutorial. I would rightly recommend everyone to join CB Classes for fulfilling their ambitions."
    Soumya Kanti Ghatak
    NEET - 131, CMC Vellore
  • "For whatever success, I got till now except my parents CB Classes helped me the most. I am really thankful to Chandrajit Sir for his kind guidance proper coaching and support. He taught me how to think clearly and radically and achieve success.To me, CB classes is the place, where you will learn how to achieve what you want."
    Aritra Bera
    IIT -719, WBJEE -19
  • "To me, success is definitely about hard work. No doubt. But its sometimes important to have an inspirational figure in the background for motivation. I would personally like to Thank you, sir, for that role which no one would have played better."
    Ratul Das
    IIT -1728, WBJEE -14, HS - 6
    "I, Satam Bandyopadhyay, student of CB Classes, have secured 9603 rank in JEE advanced. I am solely grateful to the mentors for making me able to achieve my dreams. Their teaching method, the study materials, and the infrastructure, the library. The rideo lectures, the exams all were very much helpful. I shall recomment everyone to join CB Classes to achieve their goals in JEE, NEET, olimiands and other competitive exams."
  •  Subhajit Banerjee
    "I, subhajit Banerjee, am an student of CB Classes. I has a longing to crack the IITJEE exam, but it would have been a hard task to crack the exam, had I not been a student of CB Classes. CB Sir, and the teachers of Maths and Chemistry departments had taught very wonderfully, showing all the tricks of different questions, and giving the exams of CB Classes will be of great use. Overall the CB Classes institute is proeffecient in cracking the engineering exams, and the medical exams."
    Subhajit Banerjee
    "I, Riddhi Bose, student of CB Classes have cracked JEE Mains with good marks. I am grateful to the faculties of CB Classes for their immeuse efforts. Their teaching methods, the study materials and asignments everything were excellent and helpful in achieving my goals. Thank you CB Classes for making my dreams come true."
    "I Atrim Guha, student of CB Classes have secured 15522 AIR in NEET 2019. Studying in CB Classes has been helpful to me. The quantity of study material is par excellence. The books cover each and every aspect of the concept and the assignment questions given in the end will ensure that the chapter has been prepared very well. Faculty of CB Classes specially CB Sir is extremely ......."
    "I will always be grateful to CB Classes for the help and support they always provided me whenever I need. The teachers and faculty members always extended their help and guidance throughout class 11 and 12. I want to express my sincere thanks and greetings to them for every thing."
    "CB Classes meant a lot for me. The teaching staffs were too good to describe. They cloud the doubts whenever me ment to them and the way of teaching is also very innovative. The most important aspect that I liked is the facility of video classes. This helped us when we missed our class. The materials provided are also good. These 2 years had been surely a great experience for me. I greatly owe to CB Classes for my success."
    "It was really helpful for me when I joined CB Classes. I came as an average student and now I have achieved my goal. All the faculty were very supportive & matirated us regularly. I am most thankful to them and dedicate my success to them."
    "I attended CB Classes in Class 11 and 12. It was a wonderful experience for me as Sir made all difficult concepts easier and made us understand everything in detail. That is why I was able to like the subject. The video classes were really helpful for me to catch up with the ongoing classes. Sir interacted with us well and understood our needs. I give my heartful thanks to CB Sir for guiding me throughout."
    "10+2 was a most memorable journey and the man who has always been by my side, who has guided and supported me through my highs and lows and has played such a vital role in my success, is the one and only CB Sir. Physics always seemed so pleasant and inviting with CB Sir teaching. The regular mock tests he arranged were of immense help to all of us aspiring candidates. Where I am today, is largely because of CB Classes and their guidance. Thank you so much, sir."
    "I, Subhadip De, secured a good rank in NEET 2019. I joined the CB Classes of in class 11. Here CB Sir is very exceptional in physics. Tiwari Sir is also very good. I am thank ful to him for organic. Somdipto Sir and Sontosh Sir helped us all for NEET 2019. I am extremely recomanded to take admission in CB Classes for medical NEET 2019."
    "I studied in CB Classes from class 11. CB Classes enhances the al round development of a student. It really has been a blessing for me. The number of sums done in a physics class are just enough for any medical entrance examination, for any medical entrance examination. Doubt clearing faculty is also good. The library is just amazing for any student. The facility of video classes allows us to revise notes a particular subject. CB Classes is one of the best things which happened to me in the last 2 years."
    "To me, CB Classes was a blessing. When I joined, I was a very naive boy with very low expectations from myself. But through the guidance of CB Sir, santosh sir and Somdipto Sir, I slowly started becoming confident and for the last 4 months, through the rigarous exams taken, I started taking NEET seriously Being a regular absentee due to my chess tournaments, the rideo classes for each and every topic never made me feel I was lagging behind.CB Classes for the 2 years was the best experience and journey for me."
    "First of all, I want to thank CB Sir for being a constant support throughout the two years of my IITJEE preparation. He has been more than a teacher to all his students, gave us time for ddoubts wherever we asked for. Physics become easier when he taught us, made us conceptually stronger and faster in calculations. I will always be grateful to him for his constant guidance in powering me to get a decent rank in both IITJEE Advanced and Main. I sincerely thank him and his entire team for this great work and hope that there will be many move success stories."
    "I would like to thank CB Sir and CB Classes for guiding and helping me in my preparation for JEE (Advanced) and JEE (Mains). Sir is a wonderful physics teacher without whose guidance I might not have been able to score well. It was because of CB Sir that difficult concepts seemed pretty ordinary indeed. Sir made us solve good quality sums which increased the confidence with which I solved tough problems at home. This would not have been possible without CB Sir."
    "CB Sir has helped us all a lot throughout the important years of 10 + 2 level. He has not only been a wonderful teacher, but also a mentor on all important levels of our formative years, such as developing an inherent love for conceptual ideas and not just blindly applying techniques. He has also provided practice for the competitive exam type questions through numerous tests, taking responsibility for our all-round development as engineering or medical aspirants. We sincerely thank you sir, for all that we have achieved and may achieve in the future."
    "I, Tairthik Ghosh, would forever remain undebted to CB Classes for my success in NEET 2019 and AIIMS 2019. I can proudly say that whatever I am today and whatever I would ever be is due to the efforts of my parents adn CB Classes along with my own strife for success. In this context I would like to take the name of CB Sir, JK Sir, Santosh Sir & Somdipto Sir – who helped me in my journey to a medical college. The regular classes the study materials, the intense doubt clearing sessions culminated with the fire and transparent lectures by our mentors resulted in the better understanding of the various topics. People say’ Teachers are the Angels in disguise’. I definitely feel that my mentors are my angels in life who worked hard, along with me by my side in my journey to wards MBBS. I am thankful to CB Classes all my teachers an staff who provided me with whatever I needed for achieving perfection. CB Classes provides a very healthy platform for JEE and Medical preparation and also makes us upfront with the prevailing competition throughout INDIA !!"
    CB Sir has always been one of the key players in my success across various competitive examinations. His emphasis on conceptual clarity has helped me in creating a strong grip on the subject. His simple, yet effective way of introducing us to the topics, has greatly helped us to understand the topics in much less time and provided us ample time for practice. Sir’s curated collection of practice questions were perfect. He covered all the varieties of questions that really helped class any doubts or loop holes in the topics, during final hours of revision. I would be always thankful to sir, to whom I largely dedicate my success to.