Terms & Conditions


1.To enroll with the SIDB LEARNING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, the application form must be completed, signed by the student and Parents/ Guardian / duly appointed agent and submitted along with a self-attested photocopy of the last mark-sheet.

2.Incomplete form will be rejected. It is compulsory to attach passport size recent coloured photograph. SIDB LEARNING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED reserves the right to use the photograph and name for publicity in case the student succeeds in same examination. Student should also staple additional two recent passport size phonographs along with the form.

3. An applicant after being enrolled with the Institute shall be deemed to be a student.

4. An applicant, who is enrolled with SIDB LEARNING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, will have to work regularly. He has to appear in the weekly proficiency tests, phase tests, mock tests, If a student is found to be absent in three consecutive tests, he will not be allowed to appear in the weekly tests thereafter.

5. If a student, for some reason, is absent in two consecutive weeks without prior information, has to submit signed letter of parent citing the reason of absence.

6. The parents can meet respective subject teachers for any information about their ward’s progress or any other problem concerning their ward with prior appointment only.

7. Any change of address and phone number should be notified in writing to the office immediately.

8 . A student, who is late by 20 minutes for classes/tests without prior intimation, will not be allowed to enter to enter the classroom.

9 . A student is not allowed to carry mobile phone in the classes, if at all, he/ she carries mobile phone in the classes, then it should be kept in silent mode. The Institute is not responsible for any loss/ theft of mobile phone in the institute premises.

10. SIDB LEARNING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED reserves the right to make any changes in its programs without any prior notice to anybody.

11 . If there be any change in the applicable rate of GST, the same shall be imposed on and from the date as determined by the respective statute and the students shall be liable to pay the same ID CARD.

12 . The Institute will issue an identity card cum fees book latest before their first class. The entry to the classes will be only with the said card.

13 . In case, a student has not received the ID Card and classes have started, he/she must bring fee receipt copy with him/her for entry to the appropriate branch/ centre.

14 . If the I-card of a student is lost/ misplaced, a duplicate i-card can be issued from the Institute against payment of Rs. 100/-.


15 .The fees can be paid either in lump sum or in installments as per the facility made available by the Institute. In case of payment through E.M.I, the 1st installment should be paid before the commencement of class.

16 . All payment of fee for Long Term as well as Short Term Courses, including ancillary charges should be paid through any of the below listed payment modes only:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Demand Draft (Hereinafter “DD”)
  • Net banking (RTGS / NEFT)
  • Mobile Wallets: For more information on payment through mobile wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, PayU, etc. kindly contact the Branch / Centre opted by or allotted to your ward.
  • Debit / Credit Card
  • Online payment through Payment Gateway
  • Financing options like Bajaj Finance, HDFC etc. are available at selected branches.

Please note: For successful completion of the admission process, a copy of the deposit slip /SMS should be submitted to the appropriate branch/ centre without fail within 3 days of deposit of course fee to the bank. In the event of failure on the part of the student / parent / guardian / duly authorized agent to submit a copy of the deposit slip as mentioned above, the un-reconciled amount deposited by the parent/ guardian shall be lodged in suspense account by the Institute.

17 . For online  payment,  please  visit  our  website: www.cbclasses.com

18 . Registration Fee and Short Term Course Fees are NOT refundable under any circumstances whatsoever

19 . Long Term Course Fees are refundable within fifteen days of commencement of the classes.

20 . All refunds shall be paid through Cheques or Online Transfer ONLY in the name and to the account of the student/parent/guardian within reasonable time from the date of receipt of an application for withdrawal of admission by the appropriate branch / centre.

Note: The Company shall not be held responsible and/or accountable for crediting refund money to wrong account due to incorrect details furnished by the student/ parent/guardian


21 .  If any student does not pay the monthly fee on the due date i.e. 10th every month, will be treated as defaulter in the fee payment. He/ She will be barred from attending the classes and fine will be imposed.

22 . It is mandatory for the student to submit photocopies of the admits cards of the examination, he/ she will be appearing for.

23 . If any student/ parents insist on lump sum payment of fee, the institute can accept the fee in lump sum also. The refund policy for such students will be applicable as mentioned for students who pay the fee in installments.

24 . Any study material given during the classes or otherwise, will not be given to those students, who are absent without prior application from the parents. No request/personal appointments in this regards shall be entertained.

25 . Once the name of a student is struck-off due to non-payment of fee for more than 4 weeks from the due date, the student shall have to pay Rs.500 for re-admission.

26 . It is compulsory/mandatory to provide e-mail Id/mobile no. of the student/parent/guardian. The result of test or any other information of the institute to be given to the to the student by SMS & on his/her e-mail Id. Institute shall not be responsible for any information regarding results or anything else is not received by the student if he/she has not given his her e-mail Id/mobile no., in the admission form at the time of admission.

27 . In any type mishap occurs in the premises of SIDB LEARNING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED because of situations beyond control or any natural calamity of any type such as earthquake, floods, fire, electric short circuit etc the institute shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever.

28 . In case if any parent/guardian misbehaves with any staff member of the Institute, his/her ward can be rusticated from the institute and no claim of refund of such student will be entertained.

*Please read these conditions carefully as they shall form the part of the contract between the Parent/ Student (If he/ she is major) and Company. If required Company can sub-contract or hire or appoint a franchisee to provide the service on Company’s behalf. However, the entire responsibility of services provided would rest with Company. It is important that you make sure that you have read and understood all of these conditions and confirm that you accept these conditions when you sign the Admission Form

**Further by admitting/enrolling your ward at the Company and by paying the requisite fees, you explicitly acknowledge that you have read & understood the terms and conditions relating to admission to the Company (also available at the Company’s Website at www.cbclasses.com) and agree to abide and be bound by it. Any deficiency in the admission process cannot be pleaded as an excuse for not abiding by the terms and conditions relating to admission / payment of fees / refund / usage of student name by the Company etc.

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