It’s better to start the preparations a bit early especially for highly competitive entrance examinations like JEE / NEET / AIIMS. CB Classes has designed this Foundation Programme for the aspirantas from VII standard to get them aptly prepared both academically and psychologically. The Programme covers all topics of Mathematics and core Science subjects in order to build a strong foundation for folllowing entrance examination.

Theses are
  • NEET
  • NTSE
  • Olympiads

For NTSE & Olympiads on Physics, Chemistry, Bilology, Astronomy, Regional Mathematics and International Science Fair, we arginase workshops on regular basis. Needless to say, periodic tests and progress analysis are the integral part of our holistic coaching.


Designed for standard VII, VIII, IX & X

We, at CB CLasses, always endeavour to strike a balance between School, Board Examinations and the entrance Examinations for Enginnering and Medical Science. Despite entrance Exams Being more applicative than board exams, there is a larger similarity in topics. A child should be given to understand the basics and master the skill of writing answers as the boards are concerned. From here, the students needs to move to higher degree of problem solving, in relation to additional efforts required for competitive entrances.

The Programme at a glance:

  • Designed for the students at secondary level , from Standard VII - X
  • Sequencing of topics in line with school curriculum
  • Subjects covered are : Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry/ Biology / computer science
  • Practice assignments at the end of each topic
  • Performance Monitoring System with tests being conducted intervals
  • Weekly Classes
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